Through the years, research funded by Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation and its predecessor (the Grayson Foundation) has uncovered solutions to critical problems affecting horse health as well as clues to numerous other solutions of equine health issues. The following is a partial list of such research milestones.

Since 1940 funded research has resulted in the following:
  1. The first vaccine for equine influenza, which allowed some control of race track cough.
  2. Identified the cause of virus abortion and led to the vaccine for that malady.
  3. Defined many aspects of passive immunity in foals.
  4. Enhanced understanding of basic aspects of Equine Infectious Anemia (the disease for which Coggins Tests became mandatory).
  5. Led to development of the field of biomechanics in horses.
  6. Defined the cause of Colitis X.
  7. Control of the Shaker Foal Syndrome.
  8. Defined the nature of the Wobbler Syndrome.
  9. Developed vaccine for Equine Viral Arteritis.
  10. Corrected assumptions about the actual cause of abortion in placentitis cases.
  11. Verified dosages of Xylazine as an efficient tranquilizer for horses injured during high exercise.
  12. Quantified the increased risk of injury from use of front toe grabs.
  13. Increased understanding of various aspects of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis.
  14. Facilitated improvements in protecting soundness and repairing injuries.

Current and recent projects have and are addressing such subjects as:
  1. Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome.
  2. Use of serum markers to detect impending injury to bone and joint.
  3. Improved immunities through DNA vaccination.
  4. Clearer understanding of equine gastric ulcers.
  5. Solving the Laminitis puzzle.
  6. Refinement of knowledge regarding safer horseshoes and the horse/racetrack interface.
  7. Use of stem cells for cartilage repair.
  8. Gene therapy for Equine Arthritis.
  9. Factors involved in Vesticular Stomatitis in horses.
  10. Details of cause and diagnosis of placentitis in mares.
  11. New approaches to vaccination against R. equi pneumonia.
  12. Muscular factors influencing size of airway in exercising horses.
  13. Dietary implications for colon impaction.
  14. Studies of immunity to EPM.