Research Advisory Committee

Dr. Steve Reed, Chairman
Dr. Johnny Mac Smith, A. Gary Lavin Research Chair
Dr. Rick Arthur, Member & Board of Directors Member
Dr. Larry Bramlage, Member & Board of Directors Member

Dr. Brandy Burgess
Dr. Teresa Burns
Dr. Noah Cohen
Dr. Barry David
Dr. Pouya Dini
Dr. Kevin Dunlavy
Dr. Sushmitha Durgam
Dr. Ryan Ferris
Dr. Carrie Finno
Dr. Lutz Goehring
Dr. Tiffany Hall
Dr. Ashley Hill
Dr. Chip Johnson
Dr. Margo Macpherson
Dr. Gary Magdesian

Dr. Melissa Mazan
Dr. Annette McCoy
Dr. Brad Nelson
Dr. Kyla Ortved
Dr. William Russell
Dr. Maria Schnobrich
Dr. Phoebe Smith
Dr. Gisela Soboll Hussey
Dr. Mathieu Spriet
Dr. Sandy Taylor
Dr. Travis Tull
Dr. Regina Turner
Dr. Canaan Whitfield Cargile
Dr. J. Brett Woodie
Dr. Anne Wooldridge